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Progressive comic about the fourth little piggy, Donald Trump

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Lefty Tales

William Barr: "I'm going to be the best enabler of fascism ever!"

New Director of National Intelligence: "Hold my beer."


There are basically four kinds of Trump appointees:

• People who have no idea how the fuck to do the job, who were appointed by Trump because he thinks he's a casting director and they looked the part to him (read: "right out of central casting").

• People who were appointed to fuck up a department because the GOP's corporate backers don't like it.

• People who know the agency they were appointed to very well and bought their way in with favors or money so they could further their own interests.

• People appointed specifically to protect Trump and do his bidding.

There is, of course, a bit of overlap in that Venn diagram.


Just because Fat Hitler is saying racist things doesn't mean we don't still have concentration camps.

Just because the Porcine Potentate is saying racist things doesn't mean the Russians aren't still attacking our election system

Just because the Human Malware is saying racist things doesn't mean he wasn't really good friends with Jeffrey Epstein.


end rant

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