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Progressive comic about the GOP being bought and sold by Russia

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The Burial Plot

I called up The Blacks today, the one's who Fat Hitler said all loved him. They told me that he was a racist knuckledragger who didn't know his ass from a bankrupted coal mine and that they all planned to vote for Biden. They then thanked me for calling and said to "please call back again anytime".

The Blacks. Nice people.


I picture MoscowMitch at home, dressed as Gloria Swanson in "Sunset Boulevard", flogging a maid and giggling to himself "Oh, no! The rabble has finally caught on to the fact that I'm working with the Russkies to subvert American democracy and rule forever as a despot. Oh, how ever shall I contain my sorrow when those poor liberals start begging me for food and jobs and all I can do is activate the perimeter defense systems and watch their bleeding, mangled bodies pile up against my meticulously landscaped topiaries. Oh, woe. Woe, woe, wo-ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"


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Khruschev: Russia will bury you! 1956
GOP elephant: No way!
Putin: Russia will bribe you. 2019
No problem!
Moscow Mitch

no more immigrants comic the four little pigs comic