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Progressive comic about Trump getting rid of all the immigrants.

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Inch By Inch, Row By Row

To anyone impatient over the seemingly glacial pace of impeachment proceedings keep in mind that the Democrats controlled the House and Senate in the early 70s and it still took them years, and some really good luck, to run Nixon out.

The current House, and the House alone, has had just 6 months of struggling against two entrenched and treasonously partisan wings of the government to access the data that isn't fatally redacted.

Give them time, people. Eventually the Judiciary Comminitte will get the full unredacted Mueller Report, the counterintelligence report, and t-Rump's taxes.



It seems like the Republican Party had given up on Reagan as a cultural icon because he just wasn't racist enough by contemporary standards.

So I guess the new audio of him and Nixon sharing a heary guffaw and a few painfully racist remarks about Africans was, for conservatives, like a breath of fresh air.


And enjoy the debates.


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Red Hat MAGA guy: Yay! Trump got rid of all the immigrants.
MAGA woman: We can take our jobs back now.
Enjoy your day swabbing out toilets, dear.
Enjoy your day picking fruit, dear.

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