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Progressive comic about Jeffrey Epstein and judicial racism.

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Before I go any farther, I need to go



I recently created a comic featuring Wakko Warner, of Animaniacs fame, singing the Donald t-Rump version of the "Nations of the World" song.

Well, as fate may have it, scriptwriter Michael Dare shared the 'toon on his Facebook page whereupon it was seen by the creator of Animaniacs, Tom Ruegger, who responded "Excellent".



I think, considering recent events, that we should just go ahead and assume that Jeffrey Epstein was not the only well-connected person that Alex Acosta gave a staggeringly illegal sweetheart deal to.


The following is shamelessly cribbed from the esteemed Seth Abramson (@SethAbramson):

Stop putting Trump's name in the same sentence as his friend Epstein's NYC sex trafficking charges
It's not like Trump ran a NYC "modeling agency" featuring girls of unknown age dubiously trafficked from overseas and paid little to no wages at the same time he was an Epstein pal.

Just because it's true doesn't mean we should keep repeating that Donald Trump has been accused of rape (in significant detail) by a 13 year-old, was known to barge into teen girls' dressing rooms at pageants, and has made inappropriate comments to/about underage girls on camera.

I resent the fact that reporters keep mentioning Trump's peculiar ongoing affiliations with pedophiles like Epstein and George Nader when all that does is limit the amount of air-time they have available to note that Trump ultimately endorsed pedophile Roy Moore for the US Senate.

And for that matter, it seems unfair and piling on to at this moment note that there's an ongoing federal investigation into why so many of Trump's pals ended up in pictures with (or on the premises of) a Florida massage parlor owner whose employees appear to have been sex slaves.

And for the life of me I can't figure out why it's relevant that under-indictment sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein said of his friend and fellow child-rape accusee, "I want to set up my [NYC] modeling agency the same way Trump set up his modeling agency" (quote from MSNBC just now).

Candidly, I'd find the idea of a major Trump-Epstein connection more compelling (from an evidentiary standpoint) if someone could show me *any* evidence *whatsoever* that Trump named the prosecutor who signed an illegal non-prosecution deal with Epstein his Secretary of Labor....


Rump: "I want a citizenship question on the census!"

SCOTUS: "Sorry. No can do. Not Constitutional."

Rump: "Then I'll do it anyway."

Congress: "We won't pay for it."

Rump: "How much can it cost?"

Congress: "$114 million dollars. Maybe you ought to pay your inaugural bill first."

Rump: "Shuddup! Gonna print them anyway!"

Courts: "See you soon."

Putin: "Who needs census? Just arrest all the brown peoples."

Rump: "Yeah! I could do that! Who would stop me?"

McConnell: "Not me."


Al Franken was forced to resign due to a joke photo without actually harming anyone. t-Rump’s Sec of Labor Acosta let a serial child-molesting predator off the hook with a shady as fuck plea deal and he still has his job.

Republicans made Franken the rule by which all government officials should be judged.... unless they're Republicans.


I learned recently that there is rule that says only US citizens can own US television stations.

At the same time I learned that Rupert Murdoch, an Australian, became a naturalized U.S. citizen ONLY so that he could run Fox News here.

Yes, he became a U.S. citizen because it was a REQUIREMENT to run a propaganda machine that spreads lies and hate and misinformation.



In WWII the Russians lost 26 million citizens in their battle against the Nazis.

Who knew they could have taken over Germany easily if they'd just had film of Adolph Hitler banging underaged girls.

Get it?


end rant

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Lawyer: Your honor, we have before the court today a local wealthy socialite accused of sexually assaulting over 100 underaged girls.
Judge: Tish-tosh. He said, she said. I think we can show a little leniency in this… heh-heh
He's also black.
Burn him with fire.

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