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Progressive comic about Trump the racist.

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You May Be White, But Are You White Enough?

Reagan called it "A shining city on a hill".

The Oaf of Office knows it as "That bigly glow of tiki torches."


Dubya lied to Americans about WMD's in Iraq
Fat Hitler is lying to Americans about the "crisis" on the border.

Wake up, conservative Americans. Quit being used. Your perverse delight in seeing foreigners killed and abused is allowing frauds to destroy this country.


Hair Furor had the House and Senate for two years but couldn't deliver his Wall, his "big beautiful health care", or his goal to lock Hillary up.

You give the Democrats the House, Senate and Presidency in 2020 and you'll get affordable health care, affordable education, sensible gun laws, attention to climate change and no more huge tax-giveaways to the rich.

And that will just be by the end of Day One.

(This, of course, assumes that t-Rump and the Republicans won't drive the economy into the ditch again... which, by all appearances, seems likely.)


To whom it may concern:

When you use the Google Image search terms "moron", "idiot", "fascist", "dotard", "misogynist", "bigot", "con man" or "liar" and your face appears in all of the results then there's a strong possibility that you have REALLY fucked up.


Remember Kathy Griffin? The comedian who posed with a ketchup-stained mask of Fat Hitler back in 2017? She recently gave a 25-minute speech on how the entire entertainment industry black-listed her for exercising her 1st Amendment rights. (For the record, she's doing very well promoting herself by, you know, selling out Carnegie Hall and stuff.)

The cherry on the cake of her speech is her reading of an amazingly obtuse letter she received from a chairman of CBS. It will blow. Your. Mind. And also give you a strong indication of what kind of idiots run the networks.

Ms. Griffin was also instructed to send her response to t-Rump and, specifically, a copy to Fox News... by a chairman of CBS.

Think about that.

This reading comes at the 25 minute mark but I encourage you to watch the whole video. It is funny and cathartic but it's also frightening and disgusting what the Rumpians did to this funny, intelligent and brassy woman.


end rant

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

How to Tell if Someone is Racist.
Did they deny housing to renters because they were black?
Fake news.
Did they fill their cabinet with racists?
They're the best people. Believe me.
Did they enact travel bans aimed at a specific race?
Who? Me?
Did they say "Go back to where you came from"?
Oh, pshaw! It was just a joke.
Have they incarcerated innocent refugees just to score political points?
Those babies are rapists and crooks!
Is their name Donald Trump?
Hey! That's my name, too!

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