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Progressive comic about Yakko's song of the nations as written by Donald Trump.

start rant

"He was a chicken, I tell you! A giant chicken!"

This will probably be a real niche/nerd cartoon but I can't help it. I still fondly and wistfully remember "Animaniacs".


Hello Nurse? Minerva Mink?


Because it was created back when Bill Clinton played the sax. And because it was often really entertaining.

Okay, and Minerva Mink, too.

Good times.

For those who don't understand this comic allow me to invite you to watch the original version of Yakko's song. It's a teensy bit of brilliance.


Tomorrow t-Rump wipes his huge orange butt on the Fourth of July celebration. I think he's being an intentional jerk, making abrupt decisions about the D.C. celebration at the last minute, in order to get those raping, drug-dealing, criminal immigrant children off the front pages.


The big flaw in the American system of governance is that it assumes that elected officials will handle their positions with nobility and decency.

And so, here we are.


Here's a thing to remember about the Democratic presidential polls:

The Right is doing their very best to skew the election in a direction that will best advantage Fat Hitler.

So continue to support the candidate of your choice, and be there for the primaries.


The camel's nose under the tent SURRRRRE does look like a brace of M1 Abrams tanks these days.


Former president Jimmy Carter says that Trump is an illegitimate president. This will NEVER be old news.


Happy Fourth of July, everyone!


end rant

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Yakko Warner sings "The Nation's of the World" as written by Donald Trump.
There's North Korea, Saudi Arabia, America, Israel and Russia."
Sorry, that's it. The rest are just shit-holes.
Yakko holds gun to his head: Goodnight, everybody!

Fox News immigrants comic Despotic fascism comic