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Progressive comic about Trump's despotic fascism.

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This is what you get when you swipe Right.

I had another four pages of the Mueller Report ready to be illustrated but it was all about Julian fucking Assange so I used that as an excuse to pull the plug.

I think the Mueller Report could use a full synoptization but not quite in the format you've been enduring this past June. I have something in mind but I'm not going to wave it around just yet until I have plenty for everyone.

Until then, thanks to everyone for the welcome encouragement in the endeavor.


Does anyone realize how pitiful and desperate Fat Hitler is by making the D.C. July 4th event all about himself?

As usual, thousands of people will be on the Mall to attend the fireworks display and the associated festivities but the Oaf of Office is going to pretend to everyone on Heaven and Earth that they all came to see him in all his splendorous mango glory.

Absolutely pathetic.


Since progressive protestors are not even going to allowed in the same Zip Code as the Pumpkin Potentate I heartily recommend that everyone in the D.C. area stay as far away from the event , and Fox News cameras, as possible. Don't swell the size of the crowd for the benefit of propaganda purposes.

So let the racists and the knuckle-draggers have the field and go find yourselves a nice comfy hillock to spread out a blanket and enjoy a hearty beverage and a nuzzle from a beloved as the fuegos atificiales crack the starry skies.


Ivanka Trump was dumping on our beloved Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez t'other day because she's "just a waitress". Yeah, little people with jobs, little people who do all the work. Who needs 'em, right?

Progressive's counter that all Ivanka's done is design jewelry and handbags.

They're wrong. Dead wrong.

I guarantee that all Ivanka has done is hire creatives to come up with ideas for her. (I never said she paid them.) I guarantee that her entire portion of the creative process involved soaking her surgically-enhanced butt in her gold bathtub while scrolling through a zillion images sent to her by design firms until she found just the one she liked.

Ivanka create something? Puh-LEEEZE!


You probably heard about the recent decision by the five conservative Supreme Justices to give the states unfettered control of gerrymandering.
No big deal, right?


That decision is no different from requiring every man, woman and child to be armed so they can protect themselves against everyone else who is now armed.
Crazy, right?

Actually, it's worse.

Each state government now has no other choice but to gerrymander for the benefit of their own party. And the tighter the gerrymander the less likely the opposing party will ever have the chance to regain control and, if they do, will have to gerrymander just as severely for their own party's good.

This is no longer government of the people. It's government by spite. Government corruption is bad enough now but this ruling will bake it in.

What the Supreme Court did is insane. It is incendiary. And it was intentional. The future of America is not majority white and Republicans now have a potent tool to bring on the American Apartheid Era.

But her emails.


See you tomorrow.


end rant

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