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Progressive comic about the Mueller Report summarized by Tasty Movie Treats, pages 42-45.

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The Mueller Report, Part Eleven: Intermission!

Is anyone getting tired of this Mueller Report stuff yet?

How many of you want me to return to the standard "draw Trump doing something evil and stupid" cartoon?

How many of you want me to do the entire 440 pages of the Mueller Report?

How many of you are only here to see how fat I've grown since high school?


Tomorrow: Pages 46-49, summarized by stuff found between the couch cushions at a strip joint.


Former President Jimmy Carter says that the Russians helped Trump steal the election and that a full investigation would prove it.

That's... kind of important.

Hey, Bill Clinton. Hey, Barack Obama. Care to join this conversation?


Corey Booker could cream Trump in the campaign just by reminding voters that he wouldn't have to waste three hours every day getting his hair done.


See you tomorrow.


end rant

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Mueller Report pages 42-45: tasty movie treats
Page 42: Russia's GRU gave U.S. reporters early access to data stolen from DNC and DCCC. After the DNC publicly announced their breach of security GRU responded by blaming it on a lone Romanian hacker.
Page 43: GRU created a persona named Guccifer 2.0 and used it to disseminate stolen DNC data well into August of 2016. Some of it from a Wordpress blog.
Page 44: Guccifer 2.0 offered assistance to (redacted), a former Trump campaign member. GRU began expanding to Wikileaks, whose founder, Julian Assange, was known to be anti-Clinton.
Page 45: In June of 2016 GRU began actively sharing with Wikileaks stolen documents associated with the Clinton campaign.

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