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the mueller report part 11
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Progressive comic about the Mueller Report summarized by Heads in jars, pages 38-41.

start rant

The Mueller Report, Part Ten: Up to our necks.

Tomorrow: Pages 42-45, summarized by things found under the couch cushions.


Here's how I wish the two debates had gone:

Moderator: "And now, for our first question..."

Democratic Candidate1: "Uh, just a moment. We'd all like to say something first."

DC2: "Yes, to start with we ALL believe in a woman's right to choose. Full stop."

DC3: "And we all think that climate change is real and it must be stopped at all costs. No question."

DC4: "We all also think that the insurance and drug companies are out of control so Medicare-for-all, or something like it, needs to be implemented in this country."

DC5: "We also think Trump is abusing children on the border for political purposes. He is a monster, plain and simple."

DC6: "We all also think that higher education should be free or much less costly."

DC7: "We also think assault weapons need to be more tightly regulated, at the very least."

DC8: "We all think Mr. Obama's nuclear agreement with Iran was a much better idea than a war with Iran."

DC9: "We all also think that income inequality is out of hand so we need to tax the rich and the corporations fairly."

DC10: "And we all agree that Trump is working with the Russians against this country's better interests and that it's time for him to go."

DC1: "So that's our basic platform. We can work out the details later. Now here's a conch. The person holding the conch gets to talk, uninterrupted, for two minutes and then must hand it to the person to their left. So Rachel, Todd, go get some coffee and get comfortable. We'll take it from here."


Republicans: Scared of socialism.
Democrats: Scared of fascism.
I know which party I prefer.


You can easily find something objectionable about each of the 20+ Democratic presidential candidates but remember this:

Trump is a lying, lazy, greedy, entitled, simple-minded, arrogant, racist, rapist who is proving to be terrible in all areas of governance.

Anyone but Trump!


I would take all twenty Democratic candidates over Trump though I'd have to think a LONNNNNG time before I pushed that Gabbard or Williamson button. How the hell did those two get on that stage?

See you tomorrow.


end rant

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Mueller Report pages 38-41: Heads in jars
Page 38: Russia's GRU gained access to DCCC servers by April 12, 2016 and implanted malware into the system designed to steal data, log keystrokes, and take screenshots.
Page 39: (66% redacted) The data collected by the malware was sent to a middle set of GRU-controlled servers, which then forwarded the data to a leased commuter system in (redacted) Arizona.
Page 40: The GRU malware stole DNC passwords, internal communications, bank information, fundraising data, emails, and opposition research of Donald Trump. Over 70 gigabytes of data.
Page 41: GRU created a site called dcleaks.com from which they distributed most of the data stolen from DNC and DCCC servers, beginning around June of 2016.

Mueller Report part 11 Mueller Report part 10