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Progressive comic about the Mueller Report summarized by Jesus, pages 34-37.

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The Mueller Report, Part Nine: Too Many Jesuses

The original concept of today's 'toon was the Mueller Report synopsized by God. The four panels would have been completely empty.

Get it?

It was a concept but, thankfully, I conceived something.... better?

Tomorrow: Pages 38-41, summarized by heads in jars.


I swear there are people whose job is to sit around and think of new and interesting ways to soak the tax-payer.

2002: "Let's invade Iraq and then we'll replace soldiers with private contractors. We can pay them BILLIONS off the books and everyone will think they're keeping us safe from Al Qaeda."

2016: "Let's kidnap immigrant children, stash them in warehouses, and charge the tax-payers $750 apiece, per day, for each kid. We can make BILLIONS this way and everyone will think we're keeping America safe from Mexican rapists."

I wanted to do a similar synopsis for the 2008 economic meltdown but all that banking fuckery made my brain throb the watusi.


Enjoy the debates, everyone. My moeny's on Trump dropping a nuke on Tehran right before Elizabeth Warren opens her mouth.

See you tomorrow.


end rant

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Mueller Report pages 34-37: Jesus
Jesus Rodriguez, Goldstein, Garcia, Lopez
Page 34: Donald Trump, his two sons, Kellyanne Conway and Michael T. Flynn all responded and/or retweeted content created by Russia's IRA.
Page 35: (30% redacted) The investigation determined that Russia illegally interfered in the 2016 presidential election through "active measures" carried out by the IRA.
Page 36: Russia's GRU (like our CIA) targeted Democratic computers and email accounts, later releasing hundres of thousands of stolen documents under the online personas "DCLeaks" and "Guccifer 2.0".
Page 37: One wing of the GRU specifically targeted the Clinton Campaign, the DNC and the DCCC. Another wing attacked state boards of elections and entities related to the administration of U.S. elections.

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