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the mueller report part 9
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Progressive comic about the Mueller Report summarized by 6-week-old fetuses, pages 29-33.

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The Mueller Report, Part Eight: Six-Week-Old Fetuses

Tomorrow: Pages 34-37, summarized by stuff found between King Kong's toes.


For historical reference: Just about now you're probably asking yourself "What's the deal with the fetuses, Lefty?"

Well, at this point in space-time several Republican-owned-and-operated states are passing "heartbeat laws" which would restrict a woman's ability to seek an abortion to the first six weeks of pregnancy. So while my choice of iconography may seem a bit distasteful (Boy, howdy!) it is entirely appropriate for the occasion.


A conversation that probably occurred somewhere about 2014.

Trump: "Man! I am in some deep financial shit. I could go to jail if I don't think of something."

Putin: "Psst, tolstyy durak. You know, if I make you president you could stay in office long enough to run out the statute of limitations."

Trump: "Ooh! Tell me more."


You know what was a major scandal back in the day? The $640 apiece the Pentagon was paying for toilet covers for its anti-submarine aircraft.

Today we're paying a for-profit prison system $775 PER DAY to warehouse immigrant children on the border.
(In case you're wondering, housing the kids in t-Rump's D.C. hotel would cost about $450 a day. I'll betcha that includes soap and toothbrushes.)

So that's why there are SO many children being crammed into buildings on the border and who get lost in the system in a way that takes months to reunite them with their parents. They're money on the hoof for t-Rump's private-prison cronies, who are only too happy to return the favor with hefty campaign donations.


Iran just basically called the Oaf of Office "retarded".
He is not retarded.

He's a lazy, lying, ignorant, hypocritical, greedy, vindictive, arrogant, entitled, self-indulgent, racist, misogynistic, traitorous sack of shit... but he's not retarded.

Now Dubya, that boy was retarded, but that's a WHOLLLE 'nother argument.

See you tomorrow.


end rant

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Mueller Report pages 29-33: 6-Week-Old Fetuses
Fooled you. These actually Trump's heart, brain, soul and penis, life size.
Kids say the darnedest things.
Page 29: Russia's IRA organized and promoted dozens of political rallies in the U.S. , some as early as 2015, using its social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. Note: page 30 is 100% redacted.
Page 31: (40% redacted) In 2016 the IRA organized many pro-Trump rallies across the U.S. while actively recruiting unwary Americans to advance its goals, using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Page 32: (50% redacted) The IRA targeted African-Americans via sham grassroots accounts like "Black Matters USA".
Page 33: (50% redacted) Associates of the Trump campaign often shared IRA created content on social media. IRA operatives also contacted the Trump campaign seeking assistance for its rallies.

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