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the mueller report pages 29-33
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Progressive comic about the Mueller Report summarized by unofficial GOP mascots, pages 25-28.

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The Mueller Report, Part Seven: Unofficial GOP Mascots

Wouldn't you just know it.

A comic company is planning on creating a graphic novel version of the Mueller Report. Nice, but it won't be on sale until April of 2020. The Report may just be a quaint anecdote by then and we'll all be too busy watching our skin slough away after t-Rump incites a nuclear war with Alabama.

Tomorrow: Pages 29-33, summarized by Sarah Huckabee Sander's eyes.


I would almost bet that the Pumpkin Potentate has sexually assaulted more women than any of the thousands of Mexicans that have crossed the border in the past two years.


The Trump administration is literally killing children in his concentration camps and Trump is literally blaming it on Obama.

All part of Making America Great.


Democratic Party motto: We can fix this.

Republican Party motto: We can break this.


The following companies all have prefect records from the Human Rights Campaign when it comes to LGBTQ workplace equality. Yet here is how much campaign money each company has donated to the most homophobic of congressmen:

AT&T — $2,755,000 to 193 politicians
UPS — $2,366,122 to 159 politicians
Comcast — $2,116,500 to 154 politicians
Home Depot — $1,825,500 to 111 politicians
General Electric — $1,380,500 to 97 politicians
FedEx — $1,261,500 to 75 politicians
UBS — $1,094,750 to 72 politicians
Verizon — $1,022,803 to 74 politicians
Pfizer — $959,263 to 52 politicians


The Supreme Court just struck down a trademark provision blocking "scandalous" trademarks, specifically a company trying to trademark the name "FUCT".

Owners of Wang, Fuchs, Siemens, Bimbo Bakeries, and "Master Bait & Tackle Shop" all applauded the decision.


See you tomorrow.


end rant

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Mueller Report pages 25-28: Unofficial GOP Mascots
Coalie McCoalface, Slugs McHeadshot, Sir Vicks McScrapey, Gravey McScapegoat
Page 25: In 2016 Russia's IRA spent over $100,000 on anti-Clinton and pro-Trump advertising on both Facebook and Instagram.
Page 26: 40% redacted. The IRA made over 80,000 posts on Facebook, a number that may have reached over 126 million people. The IRA also ran a bot network on Twitter to magnify their effect.
Page 27: 50% redacted. The IRA created numerous accounts on Twitter, some with as many as 70,000 followers. Media outlets mistakenly quoted them as real U.S. persons.
Page 28: 50% redacted. Sean Hannity, Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, Jr. and the Trump campaign quoted or retweeted these posts. In January of 2018 Twitter identified 3,814 IRA-based accounts.

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