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Progressive comic about Trump  praying he doesn't go to jail.

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Brat Outta Hell

2018: "Did you pay hush money to Stormy Daniels?"

t-Rump: "You'll have to ask Michael Cohen."

2019: "What do you know about the two Russians who were arrested for a campaign finance scheme?"

t-Rump: "You'll have to ask Rudy Giuliani."

Uh-oh. Rudy's toast.


Over 450 people have left the t-Rump administration in the past 30 months.

Either they weren't corrupt enough for the Pinche Pendejo Potentate or they didn't want to follow his illegal orders and go to jail.

Yeah, completely normal administration. So much winning.


Since we all originate from the primordial ooze you might say, regardless of skin color or other minor genetic variation, that we're all Primordial-Americans.

If I was president I'd make thatan option on the next census.


Shepard Smith is leaving Fox News. He wasn't a reliably liberal voice but at least you could count on him for straight news.

As for the timing of his departure please recall that John Stewart and David Letterman both retired prior to the 2016 election campaigns. Stephen Colbert became a talk show host at about the same time.

Isn't it "funny" how notable and influential non-conservative voices are muzzled or silenced just before the presidential campaigns begin in earnest? It must be just a coincidence.


Child-separation was really a scheme to charge $750-per-day to house kids.

The Wall was really a scheme to benefit Russian steel manufacturers.

Ukraine was really a scheme to skim Ukrainian oil money.

Etc. Etc. Etc.


The eight humans on Noah's Ark were Noah, his wife, his three sons, and their three wives.

< does quick genetic math>

So anyone who says you can't bang your cousin hasn't read their Bible.


end rant

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Trump praying: And God bless Putin and Erdogan and Kim and Duterte and Xi and all the my other dictator friends. And please, God, let me totally subvert our Democracy before Pelosi puts me in jail. Amen.
Melania and her fake boobs.
Comic about Trump praying he doesn't go to jail.

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