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Progressive comic about Trump betraying the Kurds.

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Betraying the Kurds

How sad that this Ukraine incident is apparantly just a slimy little shakedown of an oil company.

It's always about oil.


Spokes-persons for the Pinche Pendejo Potentate as suggesting that House Democrats are engaging in "regicide".

First, "regicide" means the death of a king. Fat Hitler is no king. He's a quisling, at best.

Second, without doubt Hair Furor is committing "democricide".

So, you know, fuck that whiny bastard.


The message that Tinypinkies McSnatchengrab is sending to other countries is "Build my office towers in your little shit-holes or I will fuck. You. Up."

How veddy diplomatic.


The following is from a Kurt Eichenwald article printed in Newsweek, September of 2016, two months before the presidential election:

"In other words, Trump would be in direct financial and political conflict with Turkey from the moment he was sworn into office. Once again, all his dealings with Turkey would be suspect: Would Trump act in the interests of the United States or his wallet? When faced with the prospect of losing the millions of dollars that flow into the Trump Organization each year from that Istanbul property, what position would President Trump take on the important issues involving Turkish-American relations, including that country's role in the fight against ISIS?"

So, yeah, even then the intelligentsia knew exactly how our Piche Pendejo Potentate would govern.


end rant

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George HW Bush: We'll ally with the Kurds to destroy Saddam.
Dubya: We'll ally with the Kurds to destroy Al Qaeda.
Obama: We'll ally with the Kurds to destroy ISIS.
Orange Dumbass: I'll lie about Ukraine and let Turkey destroy the Kurds.
Trump betrays the Kurds

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