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Progressive comic about how Republicans steal elections.

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Death Bed confession

A brief history lesson:

Turkey is an Islamic country.

In 1915 Turkey began a campaign of genocide whereupon they killed over a million Armenian Christians. Because they were Christians.

Now they want to exterminate the Kurds. The Kurds are also of the Islamic faith but they're not Islamic enough, according to Erdogan, so they must die.

Turkey just likes killing people. Small wonder t-Rump's in business with them.


Fat Hitler: "I swore to protect the Kurds. They're our allies."

Erdogan: "I'm putting a lien on Trump Tower Istanbul."

Fat Hitler: "Kurds? Did I say Kurds? Who are the Kurds? Never heard of the Kurds. Who cares about Kurds? And this isn't Donald Trump. You must be thinking of someone else. Biden sucks. Fuck the Kurds. Goodbye."


Dear Nobel Guys;

I've totally solved the problem in the MIDDLE EAST by letting my friends in "Turkey" kill all the bad, bad Kurdish guys. Will this get me a NOBEL Peace Prize or do you take points off for impeachment? In case you can't reach me at the WHITE HOUSE you can forward all entry forms to Trump Tower Moscow. And hurry.


All-Wise and Supreme Super Great President Donald J. Trump.


Yesterday a Moorehead, Minnesota man with a Trump bumper sticker on his car waved a gun and threatened a woman with an Elizabeth Warren bumper sticker on her car. Police arrested the man for terroristic threats.

That's why Fat Hitler wants a rally in Minnesota. He's evidently scouting for new cabinet members.


You know why everyone isn't rich in America? Because then we'd all be breaking the law and hiring fancy-pants lawyers to slow the courts to a crawl and no one would obey the law and it'd be ANARCHY!

And that's why poor people go to jail for 30 years for stealing bread. It's the only way to keep the courts moving. Poverty equals freedom, people.


t-Rump: "Mayor Frey, I'd like to have a rally in your fine city of Minneapolis."

Frey: "Excellent. Just send a check for $500,000 to handle rental fees and security costs."

t-Rump: "What? We've never had to pay before an event."

Frey: "And you haven't paid after the events, either. You still owe El Paso $550,000."

t-Rump: "I'll sue you!"

Frey: "Yawn. Welcome to Minneapolis, where we pay our bills." (Actual quote)


I always draw the GOP as elephants but I never draw Democrats as donkeys. Know why?

Because Democrats aren't animals.


South Park's latest episode: U.S. media self-censors its product to meet the authoritative censorship rules of mainland China.

Result: China bans South Park from its internet.

Lesson: China was just fine with stories of Americans at their worst but keep their organ-harvesting name out of it.


Wait wait wait wait wait wait!

Three guys drive all the way from Alexandria, Louisiana to buy drugs from Joshua Brown (witness in the Amber Guyger murder) and then got into a gunfight with him? And now Brown turns out to be a drug dealer?

Yeah, I guess there's a terrible shortage of weed in Louisiana.

Right after Brown was shot one of the first comments I read was "You watch. The police will find drugs."

Of course they did.


"Let's drive 300 miles across state lines into weed-friendly Texas and buy us some drugs. The cops there would never stop three nervous-looking black guys in a car with Louisiana plates."

Yeah, that's exaaaaaactly how it went down.


end rant

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GOP elephants: Son, it wasn't just the Russians that got Trump elected in 2016. The Republican Party did it with vote suppression and undercounting the vote.
Grampa, is… is this a death-bed confession?
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