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Progressive comic about a Trump book report.

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Thanks A LOT, Miss Jones!

Facebook says it's perfectly okay if political ads on its website are full of lies.

This policy was okayed by FB's Public Policy Director who worked previously as the chief digital strategist for the Republican Senatorial Committee. Before that she worked for Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign.

Her long career in deception and misinformation evidently made her the perfect candidate for this important post at Facebook.

Just thought you should know.


Did you hear about that crude video that's making the rounds depicting t-Rump shooting dozens of his political and media opponents in the head, in a church? It was screened before his supporters at a Trump Doral resort and, according to reports, they kinda dug it.

To anyone with a shred of doubt as to what monsters the Republican Party really is, this is them saying "This is us."

Unfortunately, to the Red Hats of America this was a call to action.

And to Fat Hitler this was a dream come true.


Fat Hitler is tweeting that "Hunter Biden is no Ivanka".
Let's see....

Hunter Biden did his undergrad degree at Georgetown, earned a law degree from Yale, and served honorably in the US Military.

He worked his way up to being a Vice President at MBNA and worked on the board at Amtrak.

Meanwhile, Ivanka is t-Rump's daddy-wife.

Yup, no comparison.


end rant

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Donald J. Trump. A book report by Billy Taylor.
Donald Trump was elected president in 2016 with the help of racists and Russians. He gave trillions of dollars to the very wealthy, then destroyed family farms, and handed the environment to Exxon. He's has told over 13,000 lies.
He wants to be a dictator and has done everything he can to benefit Vladimir Putin. He filled his cabinet with cronies, stuffed the courts with extremists, put kids in cages, sentenced thousands of our allies to death, unleashed ISIS into the world again and.. and… ugh.
Miss Johnson, I think I need to go to the nurse's office.
That makes two of us.

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