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The progressive web comic about Donald Trump and Hamayun and Khizr Khan.
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In case you're counting, this is my second "Donald-Trump-publicly-micturates-inappropriately" comic in the course of a week but I believe the subject matter warrants any indelicacy. Count yourself fortunate as my initial inclination in both instances was to have him emptying his bowels, but even I have my limits.


Trump recently floated a trial balloon about allowing foreign governments to meddle in American politics and, by god, the public didn't fail him. No one smushed his little head with a ballpeen hammer or dragged him behind a pick-up truck down the interstate or strung him up by his entrails for being a treasonous scumbag. Nope, everyone went "Ha-ha-ha, Donald. That jape of yours was quite the rip-snorter. And we can hardly wait to hear your next quip, assuming we're not all being forcibly anal-raped by your pals, the Crimeans."


More nude photos featuring Melania Trump are hitting the newsstands and, honestly, it really doesn't matter if she modeled nude because there's nothing immoral about nudity in and of itself. Besides, I've seen more attractive women who've simply posted their photos on social media sites for the sheer fun of it so, you know, BFD. What matters is that her "fashion modeling" brought her to Trump's attention and she clearly married the immense sacka shit for his money so she's just a lousy sexual mercenary, and Merc Number Four is no doubt waiting patiently in the wings.


Remember when Ted Cruz advised the assembled masses at the RNC, and the thousands of invalids too weak to change the channel, to "vote their conscience" come November? I think he was just rubbing it in as Trump doesn't have one. And neither does his wife. (See above.)


Hey, speaking of real Republican politics, Cruz married a woman for HER money so that makes HIM a whore, I mean, sexual mercenary, too.


If Trump wins the Big Political Kielbasa this year I can only envision trials for war crimes ensuing somewhere around the year 2028 after the conclusion of the Green Card Wars.

"Lieutenant Billy Bob Bohunkus! You stand accused of the deaths of 4120 hairdressers, 7674 auto body repairmen, and 1527 cab drivers. How do you plead?"

"It wasn't mah gol-danged fault. I only did what Fox News ordered."


cup holderConsumer Tip: After about the 137th time the cats knocked over my water glass I got one of these cup holder doo-dads. It totally solved my problem but if you want one, too, then be warned. There are two types available: The cheapie, crappy $2 kind from China and this design. It gets five stars for a reason. Trust Lefty.


end rant

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Trump pays his respects by pissing uninating on gravestone marked Decency. It's really Hamayun Khan's gravestone.

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