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Double-Cross Chromosome!


This is the real reason any of those sixteen male Republican doofii decided to run for the office of president. They all knew they'd run against Hillary and EVERYONE knows women don't get elected president of the United States.

That's why Trump went the full misogynist/racist/nationalist route because they're the ones who would never vote for a woman for president, even though, deep down, he's miles apart from them philosophically. That's also why Trump has radically changed his political stance over the past couple of years. He wasn't evolving, he was fishing for rednecks, moving from racist pond to woman-hating puddle until he'd found enough bottom-feeders to fill the creel. Now all Trump has to do is keep reminding Americans that Hillary is a woman, and he can win the election.

You know what? This could actually work, because there are still many outwardly progressive Americans, particularly the male ones, who are completely unable to accept a female as anything but a submissive brood-mare. Almost as many as those who prefer a white leader to a black one but, unfortunately, Hillary isn't half-male in the same way that Mr. Obama was half black.

So it's up to us to push back against any inference that Hillary is unsuitable to be president because
the alternative is a monstrously cynical man who really and truly believes that we're stupid enough to let him win.


This is such an open-minded, progressive country.
Soon we're going to have a female president but before that we had a black president. And before that we had a retarded president.... 


Okay, I finally figured it out.

The GOP is backing Donald Trump because they're sick and tired of George W. Bush being called "The worst president in U.S. history".


If I make a joke about bombs at the airport I get fitted for a pair of pretty metal handcuffs and then given a free colonoscopy. If Trump makes treasonous remarks he gets to say "It's a joke" and is merrily on his way. Evidently the authorities think I'm more credible than Trump.


Hillary stated in her acceptance speech that our national motto was "E Pluribus Unum", instead of pandering to the mob with "In God We Trust".

I love that woman already.


end rant

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Mr. Trump, your economic policies could invite global disaster.
I'll do all right. Trust me.
Your stand on civil rights could result in domestic turmoil.
I live behind a big wall. I'll be safe.
You believe climate change is a hoax.
Get some air-conditioning, hippy.
Your foreign policies could start World War three.
Me and Putin got all the bombs. We're not worried.
Mr, Trump, you are the personification of a tire-fire. What makes you think you could win the presidency?
Because the other guys are running a girl.

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