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The progressive web comic about Donald Trump and his sinking in the polls.

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How Low Can You Go?

Currently there now exists the very real possibility that Donald Trump might exit the Republican campaign for president, either of his own volition or forcibly removed by members of his party. As you might expect, progressives everywhere are doing backflips of joy over either prospect but, to be honest, I'd prefer that Trump tough it out until the very end, just to see how badly he gets his little orange heinie whupped.

But here's the problem: If we simply allow a nominated candidate drop out of the race because his poll numbers reek this leads us down a very slippery slope, at the bottom of which is the end of the whole primary process.

For instance, if a political party can swap candidates at will, even one who garnered the vast majority of primary votes during the campaign, then why even have primaries at all? What is to prevent the party leadership from simply anointing a candidate and swapping them out at will if their polls get rickety. That sounds idiotic but that's exactly what we're facing now.

Because of this it's clear that unless Mr. Trump has a complete physical or mental breakdown he should be required to remain in the race until Election Day. If he's elected and finds himself unfit to serve then he can step down immediately because there are plenty of rules regarding that.


Mea Culpa: I originally had Trump wearing a suit but, afters a few hours of reflection, I decided we needed to see more of that orange, flabby walking hemorrhoid so I made him a lifeguard, to better extend the metaphor of misplaced responsibility, and altered the text slightly to reflect that. I like it much better now.

Yeah, MUCH better.


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