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Hater Aid

Conservatives have code phrases they often employ, generally used while poking one another in the ribs with their elbows. These are their Secret Clubhouse meanings:

Law and Order: Keeping the browns down.
State's Rights: Keeping the browns down.
Education: Keeping the browns down.
Smaller Government: Fewer social services for browns.
Cut Taxes: More money for whites, less for browns.
Good Guy with a Gun: White guy with a gun.
Illegal Alien: Not Canadians.
Terrorists: Non-whites practicing guerilla warfare.
Socialism: Free money for browns.
Inner cities: Fuck the inner cities.
America First: Niggers last.


And, yeah, the pool is supposed to look like the Upper 48 but the Northeast states got kind of occluded.


Tim Kaine

Tim Kaine has never lost a election in Virginia, home of the NRA, who give him an "F" rating.

So, yeah, he'll do.

Seriously, he ran for city council, and won. Ran for mayor, and won. Ran for governor, and won. Ran for Senate, and won. THIS is how you prepare for the White House. NOT be a real estate con man all your life.


end rant

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Donald Trump peeing in a poll shaped like the United States. He is attended by little Klansman. Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam are leaving in disgust.

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