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The progressive web comic about Donald Trump and Social Security.
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Based On A True Story

Donald Trump, as president, will cut your Social Security benefits, given the chance, because he doesn't believe it's your money. He thinks it belongs to the rich and they want it. All of it.

It's not their money, of course. It's yours. It's not accrued from taxes, it's the savings account of the American people that came directly from their paychecks. But the rich are absurdly greedy and they want you, the average hard-working Joe, to die as soon as possible, hence one reason they're against good health care, and thus leave all those goodies behind for them and their shiny new bank vaults. The obscenely wealthy also want to slowly raise the age of retirement until it hits a sweet spot of average age of death in America.

How thoughtful of them.

Does Trump say out loud that he wants to cut Social Security? No. He says out loud "You can't just SAY you're going to cut social Security and hope to be elected." But in private talks with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, he says he wants to gut Social Security 'from a moral standpoint'.

Moral THIS, Drumpf!

What that means is this, from the mouth of executive director of Social Security Works, Alex Lawson:

“It is really clear: Donald Trump would 100 percent go along with the Republican donor class position of cutting Social Security. He openly says he will lie to the people about it because he knows that the people are against it. In his eyes the ‘moral’ thing to do is to steal people’s hard-earned benefits and not talk about it.”

Donald Trump will lie to the american people about his intentions on Social Security, exactly the way he lies to all of the contractors who've sued him for non-payment and all of those who couldn't afford to go to court. Like architect Andrew Tesoro. If watching this doesn't make you want to put the closest Trump mansion to the torch, nothing will.


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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)
Donald Trump on TV: Back in the old days I'd hire a company to do a job for me. Then, after the job was done, I'd only pay them half the agreed amount. And these suckers would agree, see, because I'd tell them they'd have to spend more on legal costs than they would ever get from me.
Elderly couple on couch: That President Trump was one smart businessman. This country is lucky... Hey! Where'd half my Social Security go?

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