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The White Flag

I'm pretty certain that all you good Caucasian parents out there would be mighty peeved if you discovered that white male teens were 21 times more likely to be shot and killed by cops than black male teens. You might even get mad enough to call someone or write something. But since it's actually the other way around, that it's black teens being killed, you could all give a fat hairy fuck. It's just not your problem if some hitherto unknown black children run afoul of our fine, upstanding officers of the law. Must be something them darkies did to needlessly enrage the constabulary. Like....nothing. Right, Tamir?

What's almost worse is that we only hear about the deaths by cop, because that's all that the local and national news has time for. Without doubt, violence and humiliation is being meted out by the police against minorities on a much grander scale than we care to imagine.

You might think it rude to suggest that aggression against minorities, blacks specifically, has been ramped up since 2009, perhaps as a means to destroy hope within the black community, but I know for a fact that every single Republican in the U.S. House or Senate has pledged to defy President Obama at every political turn, and it's all because of his skin color.

And racism, and the old boy network, extends FAR beyond the ballot box.


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cop-killer chart

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