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The progressive cartoon about fracking and vampires.
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Burn Up Your Dead!

Believe it or not this cartoon isn't just about fracking. It's also about the way we bury our dead, and the problems therein.

Y'see, we Americans like to suck the blood out of our dead and replace it with embalming fluid. This is a pretty good idea if you want to keep a body from rotting but embalming fluid is a mixture of formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, and methanol, which is a neurotoxin. This is pretty bad stuff and each year we put 5 million gallons into the ground.We take steps to keep it out of the drinking water but, as they say in Jurassic Park "Nature finds a way".

In essence, we're basically embalming the Earth.

As if that wasn't bad enough, burials also require a lot of metal, wood, and concrete. They say there's enough wood in a ten-acre cemetery (actually, a future superfund site) to build 40 homes.

We're not pharaohs, we're not kings, there's nothing special about our empty husks once we're done with them. We're several billion bodies past the point where we think we might be needed again someday.

I know the idea of an unmarked passage of a life distresses some people but look at it this way: when you're buried in a hole, you're there permanently, but when you're cremated, or disposed of in another ecologically-friendly manner, your spirit is everywhere.

I'm going with that one.


Hey! I have a new cartoon over on friendlyatheist.com. This one's about Noah and his multidimensional love boat. Here's the first panel but you can see the whole shootin'-match by clicking the red link above or the image below.

Noah and the Ark


end rant

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Gentlemen, ordinary vein-sucking is so 13th century. We need to try injecting a high-pressure stream of carcinogenic fluids from one fang while draining every last drop of blood with the other.
Vampires had long ago accepted their fate as an abomination unto the Earth, but Fracula was really starting to creep them out.