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Yeah, I Know...

This cartoon looks a trifle odd but that's because the waiter in the picture is long-time Pencilneck Paul Brennan. He's pledged to the level of Patreon support of my little cartoon that includes being caricatured in a big-time comic... though mine will have to do.

Thanks for your patience, Paul!

At the present, there are two more caricaturees in the pipeline so get used to this kinda thing. It's actually rather difficult to shoehorn real people into my 'toons but, with enough time, all things are possible.

Last shameless plug: If you'd like to see yourself in one of my 'toons, or would like to thoroughly embarrass a friend or conservative foe, check out my Patreon page for all the hoary details. Caricaturees not only get the original signed artwork but also a high-rez color copy, suitable for hiding under the mattress. What more could you ask for?


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