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Nuremberg trials, Sanford, Florida
Happy trials to you.

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Wednesday's 'toon will be unavoidably detained because I've been sitting in the dark without power for the past four hours due to the freaking storms rampaging through Texas. I'll get back on it in the AM. Stay tuned. - Lefty


Happy Memorial Day

On Memorial Day in1985 then-president Reagan travelled to Bitburg, Germany and laid a wreath at the graves of WWII German soldiers, some of which were the Waffen-SS, Hitler's elite troops.

Stung by criticism of such a bizarre move Ronnie attempted to rationalize his action by claiming that the Nazis "were victims, just as surely as the victims in the concentration camps."

Ronald Reagan. Smartiest president ever.

Have a great holiday, everyone!


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The Nuremberg Defense
How could you allow millions of innocent people to be sent to death camps?
Nazis: We were only following orders.
How could you ignore data on climate change that doomed millions to die of disease and starvation?
GOP: We were only following orders.