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The progressive cartoon about extremely deadly weapons.
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Uncompromising Munitions

Gun owners must be real wussies. They've obviously come to some tacit agreement that plain old bullets are all they really need to get their Second Amendment rocks off.


For example, after the recent riot in Waco the police siezed over a hundred guns
, and yet only nine combatants died. This is a clear indication that these men were using little sissy guns shooting little sissy bullets. They were probably painted lilac or eggshell, too, something that matches the drapes in their mobile homes.

Guys, how about guns that shoots flaming, explosive, radioactive bowling balls? Now there's a REAL man's weapon, the kind with recoil powerful enough to powder femurs. If you're not willing to take a little punishment while meting out justice then you might as well be reading sonnets to those black teens down at the playground, saucily wolfing down their Skittles.

Face it, gun-loons, anything short of fissionable materials is just kid's stuff, but the window of opportunity is closing fast. You need to get serious about institutionalized mayhem before the greenhouse effect reduces us all into greasy puddles of adipose tissue.


In case you missed it I'm tempting eternal damnation with my latest 'toon created especially for the fine heretics over at the Friendly Atheist web site. If I've piqued your curiosity, especially with the use of the teaser below, then click here to view the whole dang thing.

the tree of life


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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

This new gun fires a projectile that will ruin the victim's credit rating, expose his browser history, poison his drinking water, deliver his family to white slavers, lower his gas mileage, adversely edit his permanent record, give him ebola, empirically prove that there is no god, burn down his house, and give him a bad haircut. Oh, and kill him, too.
After all, that's what the framers of the Second Amendment always intended.