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Bonus 'Toon!

More sugar!A
s many of you know I also create a weekly 'toon for the good folks over at the Friendly Atheist. My latest comic was posted over the weekend so, if you're interested, go looky by clicking the teaser image or this linky-dealy.


Blue Period

broken lightThis weekend I watched a man's dreams dissolve into mist like king crab at a Chinese buffet.

I went garage sale-ing with a friend on Saturday and the very first stop we made was at a tidy little home in a modestly-affluent neighborhood. The tables were full of old electronics and a smattering of Star Wars Pez dispensers but nothing that held our interest. We were ready to leave when the guy in charge of the sale carted out one of those honkin'-big 40-gallon plastic tubs. Inside was a selection of art books and pads of bristol board and watercolor paper.

"Well, now you're talking!", I sez to myself.

Shortly after that he wheeled out a multi-drawered cart stuffed with tubes of acrylic paint, brushes, metal rulers, templates, triangles and French curves. In the mix was a copy of Adobe Creative Suite.

It slowly began to dawn on me that here was a man who had once tried to live the dream of the creative freelancer but decided he'd rather eat. The second bedroom in which his art studio existed was now probably destined to become a nursery or, at the very least, usable space. So out it all had to go.

I took all the paint, most of the brushes, and all of the paper I could carry. I paid him the pittance he requested and then shook his hand, though in my mind I was saluting him.


Technical Note: Paleontologist Othniel Charles Marsh (1831-1899) once posited the intriguing notion that dinosaurs, specifically the stegosaurus, possessed a second brain located in their hips which served to help these massive creatures locomote more efficiently. The truth proved otherwise but the idea still bounces around from time-to-time like silly-putty, especially in the brains of cartoonists.


Technical Note II: Today's 'toon was late due to a mystery malady. Late Saturday night I became overwhelmed by a need for sleep and basically slept straight through until late Monday morning. I would occasionally rouse for food and elimination but it was impossible to do much else. There were no associated symptoms, just fatigue. I've never experienced this before and feel more or less normal as I write this so, you know, weird.


end rant

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Commentator: Ending years of speculation scientists have finally indentified a dinosaur with a rudimentary second brain.
GOP elelphant with Rudimentary brain: Homos is an abomination unto tha' lord.
Primary brain: Oh, crap! We're losing voters! Abort! Abort!