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The progressive cartoon about Easter pets.
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NOTE: Monday's comic is delayed due to a modest illness, but the 'toon is in progress, nonetheless. Thank you for your patience. - The Management.

Hopping Mad

calvin and hobbes movieThe impetus for this comic springs from a statistic I recently chanced upon which claims that only 5% of bunnies bought as Easter pets live to reach their first birthday. I would hazard that ducks and chicks fare even worse as they're much less robust creatures.

If you, as a parent or relative of a child, are intent upon purchasing a cute, fluffy critter to stuff in the Easter basket please allow me to recommend a puppy or kitten from your local animal shelter. If you simply must have a bunny there are plenty of rescue facilities with adult rabbits to spare, and there's probably one near you.


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Ranger Ronald's Handy Tips for Easter pets.
Chicks. Always let your kids over-handle them like they would any other toy, then you can blame them when it dies.
Encourage your children to handle them like any other toy as it will introduce them to the mystery of death.
Bunnies: Enjoy their cute antics until they begin spraying your house with urine, then have them euthanized.
Ducklings: When their incessant peeping becomes annoying just put them outside and let a predator get them.
Remember, small, helpless animals are not a responsibility, they're disposable consumer garbage.