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The progressive cartoon about the Walmart/food stamp nexus.
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More Greed, Always.

walmart gluttonyA couple of years ago the four principle owners of Walmart shared $20 billion in profits among themselves. Meanwhile, each Supercenter costs its community at least a million bucks yearly in federal or community aid.

Working for companies like Walmart is a crappy way to make a buck but that doesn't mean it can't come with a little dignity. The minimum wage in this country should be at least $22 but raising it to $15 would help a lot of families breathe easier.


stan frebergWe lost another great one yesterday. Satirist, singer, actor, comedian, puppeteer, and ad-man extraordinaire Stan Freberg died on Tuesday at the age of 88.

I will never forget his prunes, his pizza rolls, his pretending, or his green Xmases. Thanks for all the great times, Mr. Freberg.


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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Hello, I'm a Walmart employee. We're generally paid so little that we often have to use food stamps in order to feed ourselves. This means that when you buy something at our stores you're actually using food stamps yourself. So please, urge companies like Walmart to pay its employees a living wage because...
Cat: Because you can't buy Tender Vittles with food stamps.