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Freedom's Just Another Word.

Walter Scott, murdered by policeYes, I know I should be creating a scathing cartoon about the recent police shooting in South Carolina, but there were just too many directions I could have taken.

Should I have lampooned the celebrations that ensued in Redneck, USA the moment Fox News reported that another black man had been killed by the police?

Should I have satirized how a high-powered media team will immediately proceed to hammer into the public's mind a carefully scripted revision of the facts designed to make the murder victim guilty of a criminal act deserving of the summary execution he received?

Should I have created a cartoon predicting that Officer Slager will escape jail-time like so many white police officers before him?

Should I have pointed out that the greater portion of the general public will completely forget about Walter Scott a day after the verdict comes in?

To be honest I couldn't pen anything which so perfectly and so cold-bloodedly framed our cracked image of American justice as the moment officer Slager dropped that taser next to the lifeless body of Mr. Scott. Feidin Santana, the cameraman who just happened to be in the right place at the right time, deserves an award.

Or maybe I'll just make him the subject of my next cartoon, the one which illustrates how he'll be hounded by the North Charleston police department for the rest of his natural life.


end rant

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