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Dateline 4-20-15: Yeah, today's 'toon is late... again. To be honest, I'm torn between creating a balanced, meaningful, well-reasoned, entertaining 'toon or just cranking out the usual crap. Either way, stay tuna-d, my little progressive fishies.

Numbers Game

braylon robinsonOn Sunday, in Cleveland, 1-year-old Braylon Robinson (left) became, by unofficial count, the 24th U.S. child killed by gun violence when he was shot in the face by a 3-year-old who'd found a loaded gun in his house.

I say "unofficial" because the Center For Disease Control doesn't keep a very accurate count of these events. For instance, last year they reported just 62 childhood deaths from gunfire, but Daily Kos' David Waldman, who also tracks such events, reported 90 such incidents.

Keep in mind that Waldman and the CDC only notate deaths, not near misses or non-fatal wounds, of which I'm sure there are many. New York City, however, reported 850 unintentional firearm injuries to children under 14 last year. That's the same New York City in which guns are illegal so just imagine the fun at emergency rooms in states where access to a gun is as about difficult as buying a snow-cone.

I know you don't want to see the face of dead children, but I don't care. I'm tried of hearing stories about children like Braylon because of parents who think it will never happen to them. It can and it will because our gun policies are infantile. And that's why the infants suffer.


Hey there, hi there, ho there! It's time for my weekly Friendly Athiest contribution. To see Thursday's 'toon click here or the little thumbnail teaser.

Happy Friday!




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