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The progressive cartoon about God's fabulous gift of disease.
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Sick Day

out of timeCards on the table: Today's 'toon was one I originally created for the Friendly Atheist web site. It's here because I got caught in a  dreadful time bind and wasn't able to craft a whole new 'toon for Raging Pencils today but I'm sure you'll agreee that it works nicely.

For the record, you might see my FA 'toons appear occasionally here for any number of reasons, but mostly because I'm proud of them.

See you Wednesday


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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Woman: I didn't vaccinate my kids, just for you, Lord.
God: Excellent! Now they'll get sick and die.
But won't you heal them, Lord?
Dude. Who do you think invented disease?
You're a real dick, Lord!
Potato famine, po-tah-to famine.