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The progressive cartoon about the overfishing of the world's oceans.
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Fish Story

orange roughyThe Orange Roughy can live to be 150 years old. It becomes sexually mature at age 20.

The Acadian redfish can live as long as 50 years and begins breeding at about age ten.

The Atlantic halibut can live to be 50 but doesn't have offspring until it's at least ten years old.

The Blue Fin tuna. Slow growing and late-maturing.

As a result of overfishing, disruption of the reproduction cycle, and the heinous offense of indiscriminate trawling by industrial fishing fleets these species and many others, like the Atlantic cod, could go extinct in our lifetimes. Along with rising acidification of ocean waters, due to man-made climate change, the oceans may someday be home only to species like the jellyfish. No joke.

As for farmed fish, salmon cannot grow on a vegetable-based diet. They have to be fed other fish, so while you may think you're eating responsibly by ordering it for lunch you're just kicking the problem one species down the ladder.

And don't get me started on tilapia.

There are simply too many people on this planet, especially those in the West and double-especially in America, who rely on animal-based products for their protein. How many species have to go extinct just because hunger makes us short-sighted? It's entirely possible, due to climate-change and overpopulation, that there will come a day when we've eaten the last fish and the last cow and the only animal left on the menu will be us.

Happy Earth Day, everybody!

(BTW, bonus mouse-click cartoon today.)


Jellyfish Update:
Let's be clear about this "anything edible" part of today's comic. Yes, you can eat jellyfish as it's about 7% protein, but that's about it. It offers almost no nutrition (120 calories per pound), it can't be farmed, it requires lengthy and complicated processing, it's relatively expensive and tastes like bubble-wrap. Plus, only a few species of jellyfish are edible. Many are toxic to humans. So having the seas full of jellyfish isn't a consumer's dream.


end rant

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Give a man a fish
and he'll feed himself for a day.
Teach a man to fish
and he'll systematically scour the oceans clean of anything edible.
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