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Ix-nay On the Ant-ray.

sleepy bearSorry, but it's very late so there's no time to milk my howling screamer for pithy words of rant-like goodness before I collapse face-down into the rancid layers of food crumbs, cat hairs, and baby teeth under my desk and begin dreaming my dreamy little dreams. Which is a shame because I had some really good ideas about Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


end rant

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Attention Millennials! Tight job market? Start your own business with little or no investment.
Invent a new phoney-baloney religion: "And the God Loord Schnookums said 'Give your money unto me and get 36mpg city, 48 highway."
Print a new currency based on debt and charge high interest on it.
Is this legal?
It's the way the government does it.
Develop bogus antivirus software.100 Print "Working
110 Goto 100
Take our money!
Market a weasel-worded weight-loss regimen: Lose weight with my patented lima bean pills... (plus diet and exercise).
One word: Homeopathy. This will cure your gullibility. Take my money!
Create an online, right-wing comic strip. Now make Obama's lips REEEEEAL big! Haw-haw! Take my money!

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