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The Happening

sniperLet me tell you a story that happens quite frequently on the streets of America.

A black police officer murders a white teenager for no reason, emptying almost a full pistol clip into the kid even as he stood with his hands up, and then leaves the body to lay in the street in a pool of blood for four hours. There is no call for an ambulance nor questioning of witnesses. The shooting isn't reported to headquarters.

When the majority-white community shows complete disinterest in the slaying a massive contingent of militarized, black police officers will arrive, complete with armored vehicles, and begin terrorizing the community with sniper rifles, tear gas and rubber bullets.

Roving bands of heavily-armed white men and women will begin to appear, joined by similarly-equipped groups of African-Americans. The two groups will join peacefully together and proceed to employ their Second Amendment rights to defy the authority of the police with no fear for their own safety.

The media, of course, is given unfettered access to every facet of the story, their journalistic freedoms never, ever compromised by the police.

Never, ever.

For the sake of transparency the identity of the officer who shot the white kid is made public as soon as possible, at which point the enforcement community will join as one and begin publicly castigating the officer, demanding his removal from his position of public service. Most importantly, the police department will take special care to protect the identity and reputation of the dead child before a complete police report is issued.

Yup, every day. It's good to be an American.


end rant

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The Ferguson Warning
The Miranda Wrongs
Police officer: I have the right to remain silent. Anything I say can and will be used against you in a court of law. I will not need an attorney as the war on drugs provides me with the excuse to shoot anyone I want. I do not expect you understand the rights I have just read to you. Even if you could speak, I wouldn't listen.

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