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the prison economy
The prison economy.

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The Crossbar No-tell

fruitcakeWe jail the people who pollute themselves but not the ones who pollute the air and the water and the land.

We jail the people for killing another person in anger or by accident but not the people who profit off the death of thousands.

We jail the people who steal thousands but not those who steal billions.

Where's the sense in this?


grundig radioThis morning on NPR's Morning Edition they sent reporters to a whitest-than-white suburban enclave of Ferguson, Missouri and elicited their opinions on the local unrest. Guess who's side they were on? C'mon, GUESS!

For the record, I threw an avocado pit at the radio. I got Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson right between the eyes.


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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

He: The U.S. has the most prisoners, per capita, in the world! This is outrageous! We need to change the laws so that...
She: Okay, but what if those jails were full of polluters, war profiteers, and Wall Street bankers?
He: Why do you torment me like this?
She: I just like to see if you're listening.
And ivory traders and rhino poachers and whale hunters and sex traffickers and Fox News executives and climate change deniers and TV evangelists and baby seal killers and net neutrality opponents and the RIAA and Dick Cheney.

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