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race warOver the past several election cycles the Republican Party has relied on various emotional memes to drive the conservative electorate to the voting booths. Subjects like gun control, wars for "freedom", gay marriage, death panels and, of course, good old racism have served the GOP well over the past decade, at least on the state level. Unfortunately, these scare tactics are starting to wear thin on the simple minds of Republican voters. After all, Obama hasn't taken anyone's guns away, bin Laden's in a watery grave, gays are getting married all over the place, and the ACA is slowly gaining acceptance. So what's left in the Republican Boogie-Man Bag?

How about a race war? Right before the elections. My, how... convenient.

Am I suggesting that the GOP has a guiding hand in the events in Ferguson, Missouri? Let me put it this way.... the completely inept handling of almost every aspect of the murder of Michael Brown is for someone's benefit, and it ain't the ACLU. Unsurprisingly, Fox News, the official mouthpiece of the GOP (Or is it the other way round?) has gleefully lent support at every opportunity to the heavy-handed police response to citizen unrest. (And why is CNN running fake news stories about fake protests?)

This may sound strange but the events in Ferguson remind me a bit of the U. S. invasion of Iraq, especially if you consider that our purpose there was not to install democracy but to ensure the type of failed state that destabilized the entire region. (Peace is not profitable, remember?) After the U.S. invasion the populace of Iraq hunkered down and hoped for the best. That's when Blackwater's finest began cruising the city in armored Humvee's shooting up the place, culminating in the horrific murder of four American contractors in Fallujah and, ultimately, creating support for foreign terrorist operations.

The Ferguson PD seemingly did everything they could to similarly incite the African-American populace to violence, and there's even proof that agents provocateur were at work (Just like in the Occupy protests) but there have, thankfully, been no further deaths. But the damage has been done and a picture now exists in the minds of the average American, at least through November, that the blacks are running wild in Missouri and the only thing that can save us is a militarized police force and a Koch brothers toady in the state house.


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One day all the blacks returned to Africa, and all the hispanics migrated back to Central and South America, and all the asians went back to the Pacific Rim. (Yes, I know it's more complicated than this but it's a cartoon, so hush.)
Now all that's left in America are northern Europeans. The racial problem in this country is over.
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