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Fly, My Pretties!

flying internet monkeysOver the past six months I've watched the amount of my AT&T phone & internet bill creep upwards by over fifty percent. My discussions with AT&T's retention department resulted in only minor, very minor, downward adjustments IF I agree to a one-year contract.

The only alternative to AT&T in my area is Time Warner. For the same amount I pay for internet with AT&T I can triple my download speed, from 6Mb to 15Mb, with TWC. Seems like a no-brainer except for TWC making a lot of "Worst companies" lists lately.

So my question I put to you, dear readers who have experience with Time Warner, is: Do monkeys fly out of your modem's butts every alternate Thursday or is the net populated with users who are never satisfied? Or, in human terms, what is your level of satisfaction with TW on a scale of one to thirty-six.

Thanks. My media-pirating fate rests in your hands.


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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Upsie: Ugh. Questionable nourishment. Vague health guarantees. Overly saccharine. Devious marketing. I wouldn't let my kids near this stuff.
Downsie: Yeah, those sugary cereals will rot your brain.
Upsie: It's the Bible.
Downsie: You're a naughty person.

Title tag: Packed with flakes and nuts and rape and incest and murder, but not homosexuality.

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