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The Walk of Shame

coyote uglyFor those having difficulty following the narrative I should explain it mostly stems from the concept of "coyote ugly", in which one awakes in a strange bed with an appallingly homely person fast asleep on one's arm. Rather than wake this creature and risk possible social interaction you choose instead to chew your own arm off and slip quietly away into the dawn.

The rest is about rancher Clive Bundy and the way the GOP gave him mouth-to-anus resuscitation for a month until they found they were chowing-down on 100% USDA choice grain-fed racist asshole. Serves 'em right.

In this case, however, it really should be "Fox ugly" but that doesn't quite make sense so I think I'll just quit while I'm ahead.

I sometimes fret about doing cartoons like this one because five years, if not five weeks, down the line no one is going to remember the name of this grain-fed government mooch. But, for now, it's fun.


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Coyote ugly, GOP style.
GOP elephant sneaking out of Clive Bundy's house at the crack of dawn. He's apparently chewed his own arm off in order to sneak away quietly.

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