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The progressive cartoon about the GOP's agenda after winning the House and Senate.
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oopsToday's Raging Pencils was WAY delayed not because I was in a  deep, ultraviolet funk over the results of the mid-term elections but because I had TOO many ideas, most of which involved body parts, chainsaws, and pits of lime. That's when I knew I had to take some quiet time and let the venom ooze back into my hope chest before I sat down to draw.

It's now three o'clock in the afternoon and I've finished the cartoon, which I think looks very nice, when I suddenly realize that I've already done this joke... kind of. See for yourself. Doesn't matter, though. This one'll do.

As for the mid-terms, I can hardly wait for the first GOP tax-cut bill for the rich entitled "Solar-Powered Puppies for the Blind Act."

Before I go, let me just say that if we want to get rid of Citizens United, which allowedliterally untold amounts of wealth to be showered on GOP candidates, all we need to do is convince black billionaires like Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jordan to part with a few measly hundred million dollars for Democratic campaigns in 2016 and 2020. Once the specter of seemingly endless rap music videos for progressive candidates hits conservative radars the SCOTUS will reverse their decision so fast it'd cause a sonic boom.

Note: No hidden comic today. Lefty needs to move on to world's anew.

Additional Note: I went to Google image search and punched in the word "oops" in order to find a suitable image to accompany the Rant. I was surprised, though not very, at the result. Try it yourself.


mike stanfillI was disappointed that November 6th arrived on a Thursday as I have to cram the following bit of information rather inelegantly at the bottom of Wednesday's Rant. To wit:

Today, 11-6-14, marks the occasion of the 60th year of my matter-of-fact escape from my mother's womb. (Thanks, Mom! Thanks, Dad!) I don't know what 60 years is supposed to feel like but apart from a few self-induced, stress-related traumas I still feel almost NIB. Frankly, I am amazed as you are as I was certainly destined to expire in oh, so many violent ways long before Google was a thing. Yet here I am, still working for a living on my own terms, doing my best to entertain and/or aggravate as many people as I possibly can, including every woman with whom I've been intimate, and damned fortunate to live in a pretty pleasant part of the world during the most miraculous epoch in the time of man.

This message is not meant to elicit praise or presents, or pity. It's just me, pinching myself, jarring to wakefulness the dismally small handful of active brain cells I still possess, reminding them that my life would be meaningless were it not for the friends and family who've come along for the ride, whether they wanted to or not. I love you all more than you think.

So once more 'round the sun, brain. Hee-YAH!


end rant

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Reporter: Now that the GOP has control of the House and Senate what's the first thing on your list of important things to do?
GOP: Impeach Hillary.

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