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Note 11-10-14: My schedule is still way off-schedule so the comic will be late today. Still way too much post-election funk. - Lefty

Tuesday's Graceless Child

missing liberalsThe data from Tuesday's election, guaranteed 100% free of computer hacking <Cough DIEBOLD /cough> reveals that older white voters came out in droves to vote Republican. These folks weren't concerned about the economy (and they damned sure weren't voting on SSI or Medicare as the GOP is going to treat both like a vulture treats a dead puppy as soon as they get another Bush in the White House.) they were voting out of fear. Fear as a result of three billion dollars worth of commercials about Ebola on every breath they take, ISIS behind every tree, evil immigrants just waiting to get their hands on our virgin Protestant daughters, and being left defenseless against these horrors by a President who's sending out the IRS goons to take all the guns away.

You know why younger voters didn't show up on Tuesday? They don't watch those commercials, or laugh at the one's they inevitably had to endure. They looked around that day saw a world that has enough jobs, no new wars, plenty of junk food and said to themselves "Hey, things aren't so bad, and my vote's not gonna change anything. Think I'll see what's on Reddit."

My prediction of what kind of passable legislation we'll get from either house of Congress for the next two years is a fat lot of nothing. All their time will be spent on the kind of state legislation that works, e.g., finding even MORE ways to keep everyone except for older non-white males from voting in 2016.

Note: No hidden comic today. Just in case you were curious. BTW, I apologize for the comic getting late starts the past two times but it's be a WEIRD week for me.


Yesterday was my birthday and I had one really great "present" of note. It was a $400 refund of the $500 co-pay I was dunned by the hospital when I visited the emergency room in September. Having not being treated at a hospital in decades, thus being naive in the ways of contemporary insurance, I thought that moolah was long gone. So, thanks Obamacare! and thanks Obama!


end rant

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