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The progressive cartoon about fracking.
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Name Your Poison

evil elephantFor the past six months it's been rather easy to craft my 'toons because all I had to do was illustrate the Republican elephant mascot doing something typically greedy, selfish, thoughtless, or racist. In other words, appealing to the GOP demographic.

Now, post mid-terms, the damage has been done, the Stupids have voted to send more of these venal thugs to Washington, so it's time for me to refocus on other important subjects like the environment, education, health, or jobs.

But all that's in my head these past few days are those hateful little elephants. I have plenty of decent ideas but my brain keeps wanting to plant their fat, smug faces front and center. Yes, they certainly have their deserved place in the vast, Raging Pencils panoply but it's going to take some time to readjust. As you might guess this is basically a weak attempt to explain why my 'toons have been late the past week and, I guess, it's a good as reason as any.

See ya Wednesday, hopefully.


Note: There's a hidden cartoon today, you lucky people. Click on the 'toon once to see the alternate version, double-click to return to the original.


end rant

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Oil company executive: You, among all people, should know where I'm coming from. I mean, all I'm doing is injecting a little poison into the system. What's the harm in that?
Rattlesnake: Fuckin' frackers.

What's the difference between an oil executive and a rattlesnake? One's a remorseless, cold-blooded killer and the other's a snake.

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