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A Poke In The Eye

a poke in the eyeIn case you hadn't heard the news the recent mid-terms had the lowest voter turn-out since 1942. You know, right in the middle of a REAL world war.

Yes, only 34.6% of registered voters bothered to make their voice heard in 2014. Do you think that might have ANYTHING to do with people saying to themselves "My god! Government is so gridlocked my vote won't do any good."?

Ya think? Maybe? Perhaps?

(More confusingly, data suggests 66% of GOP voters actually want MORE obstructionism while, at the same time, supporting Democratic notions of climate protection, aid to veterans, better wages, etc. I'm not entirely sure these people understand what voting is supposed to do.)

Anyway, great job Republican Party, for staunchly refusing to do anything for the past six years and for doing nothing important for the next two years. You've always wanted to destroy the government (so your masters can rob and maim at will) and if you finally drive voter turn-out to zero percent you'll have completed your task.

It's all about the freedom.


steel woolLike most of the rest of the country we're experiencing a deep freeze down here in North Texas as a cold front is settling in for the long haul, and it reminded me of a story.

One late November day, back when I was in the ninth grade, I was walking home from school. It was a walk of several miles as the new house we'd moved into was just inside the school bus-line limit. That sucked.

The weather had been pleasant that morning but about 4PM the temperature quickly started dropping into the low 40s, accompanied by a stiff breeze. I was still more than a mile from home so the only thing I could do was suck it up trudge onward.

Unfortunately, that morning I had decided to wear a new wool shirt I'd received as a birthday present, a decision I was soon to regret. I won't go into gory detail but let me just say that up until that point I had never really given thought much to my nipples. Or knew that they could bleed like that.

Yeah, that's it.


Note: YES! YES! YES! It's Hidden Cartoon Day again! In fact, I may have created the main cartoon just so I could do the hidden one.

For those who don't know what I'm talking about, click on the 'toon once to see the alternate version, and double-click to return to the original.


end rant

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My imaginary grandfather: This election I voted conservative because of the way democrats fumbled the ebola crisis.
Me: But there are currently no cases of ebola in the U.S.
Gramps: See? Republican get things done.
(Me, slashing my wrists)
Voofa! Voofa! Voofa!

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