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The progressive cartoon about reminding people to vote.
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The 11-5-2014 Raging Pencils 'toon will be somewhat delayed. Stay 'tooned. - The Management


The Sniff Test

noseyConservatives who just happen to be reading this comic, do me a favor and take off your pointy white hood. Now reach up to your face and find your nose with one hand then, with your free hand, locate a nearby implement sharp enough to slice your nose off your face.

Okay, now pay attention. This is important: If you plan on voting for a Republican senator because you know for a dead-solid fact that it will grind all social and economic progress in this country to a halt for the next two years, you're free to go. That kind of honesty, however monumentally lunkheaded, deserves one's respect.

If, however, you plan on voting for a Republican for Senator because think that a GOP-majority Senate and House will cause President Obama to resign, apologize for causing the 2008 Recession, become infected with Ebola, renounce his Kenyan citizenship, and beg Mitt Romney to take his place in the White House, then please cut off your nose and throw the rest of yourself away.

Thank you.

PS, did you notice there's a hidden cartoon today? Just click once on the comic to see it and click twice to dismiss it.


end rant

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Vote? Voting doesn't change anything.
It doesn't?
Suppose your mother was denied health insurance because she had asthma. Suppose she later developed heart disease or cancer. Suppose she went bankrupt from medical bills and had to come live with you until she slowly but surely dies.
But that can't happen anymore because of ohhhh I see what you mean.
This message brought to you by Democrats who love healthy mothers.
Hey! Fight fair!

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