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Told Ya So

told ya soIn my Rant of 6-26-13 I conjectured that the GOP was only interested in denying birth control and abortion services to women because it cut into their profits. No babies, no vast, expensive infrastructure to keep them housed, fed.

Several readers pooh-poohed this notion but thanks to a new story by The Nation I'm pleased to say "You're all wrong! WRONG WRONG WRONG!"

According to the story a normal vaginal birth in the U.S. can cost upward of $30,000, $50,000 for a C-section. This is approximately ten times, for instance, what the average French birth costs. You'd think for all that dough you'd get what you pay for but the U.S. currently ranks 50th in infant mortality.

If you eliminate the million (estimated) abortions each year that's a cool $40 billion dollars in new babies for hospitals to pocket. Not too shabby, especially if you're a fat-cat hospital administrator.

So now let's also make birth control much more difficult to attain, something which Republicans are gleefully trying their darnedest to accomplish. Multiply those new accidental citizens by $40,000 and you can easily see what the GOP is really up to, and what they really care for.

It ain't you and it ain't your babies.


end rant


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