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Love the Fetus, Hate the Child, Love the Soldier.

love hate babyLast evening I watched, with growing astonishment, the final five hours of Texas Senator Wendy Davis' filibuster, in all its sausage-making glory, as she stood in opposition to the latest Republican insult to women. I knew those cheesy GOP weasels would pull something underhanded at the last moment but I was disappointed when it turned out to be the "Sit down and shut up because I said so!" variety. I was hoping for insinuations of lesbianism. You know, the usual Texas stuff.

I'm of the opinion the GOP didn't so much fumble the opportunity to pass the bill, which is designed to shut down all but five abortion clinics in Texas, as they chose to simply declare an Oopsie, missing by mere seconds the deadline to take the vote, especially when it became apparent that they were unleashing a politically untenable Democratic Kraken. As midnight approached there were almost 200,000 people watching the live Youtube stream. That's a lot. (In case you're wondering the stream garnered 17,209 Likes and only 438 Dislikes. Remove the troll votes and it's almost a clean-sweep for the Like faction.)

I'm told that Governor "Oops" is going to call another special session and let his minions try to pass the same bill again. We'll see.

The relationship between Republicans and babies is a curious one as they're seemingly only interested in the first nine months and then the kid's on his own. The truth is, they could care less about babies. They only care about money.

Let's do the math.

When you have a child, or are forced to have a child because barriers to birth control or abortion are seemingly endless, you have to spend mucho dinero to feed, house, clothe, entertain, and educate the little buggers. All this requires you to spend money, lots of money, and your money alone. Don't expect help from Republican-led legislatures when times get tough or day-care costs become astronomical. They're too busy killing early education and food stamp programs to bother with the likes of people with hungry or deprived children. And certainly don't expect  to see any of your tax dollars that the Republican party is currently shoveling into the Swiss bank accounts of its donors as fast as possible.

Oh, and your babies make great soldiers, too, especially if Military-Industrial-Succubus gets its hands on their minds first and teaches them that dying for a foreign-owned petroleum company is "patriotic".

"So have your babies, then go away", says the GOP. "We'll see them again in 18 years. Whether they go to college or Iran we'll squeeze them like a sponge."

On the other hand, if you don't have children you spend less money. Lots less. And Corporate America HATES that.

Let me wrap this up by saying that children are a blessing, have all you want, all you can comfortably afford, but women should have them because they want them, not because they have no other choice.


end rant


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