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5-4 decision
The 5-4 Decision

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Shake It Up, Baby!

bug jarThe one thing the gutting of the Voting Rights Act shared with the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act is that both, in my opinion, were derelictions of duty by the Supreme Court. Instead of finding a cure for these cases the majority of the judges simply punted them back to the states.

How hard would it have been to have simply determined that all Americans have an equal shot at both voting and marriage? Instead we got "Aww, let the creationists figger it out." Or, to be more exact, "Put 'em in a jar and shake it! Watch 'em fight!"

I have to admit that there's more at play here than I'll probably ever understand but it sure seems like the SCOTUS is setting an unhealthy precedent concerning states' rights. We are, after all, a united nation, not an aggregation of fiefdoms. The next cases may be about food safety, air quality, education, possibly even health care. Who's to say, after all, that states shouldn't be the one's who decide how much pink slime is in the air you breathe?

If you want more answers and fewer questions the solution is to give the President another supermajority in the 2014 mid-terms. Without the GOP able to run interference it's entirely possible that Justice Clarence Thomas, who is famously beset with many troubling ethical questions, could be impeached and replaced.

It'd be a start.


And, finally:

How do you tell a chemist from a plumber?

Have them pronounce "unionized".


end rant


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