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The GOP trades away overtime pay.
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Clocking Out

apples n oovertime payWhen I first heard that the GOP had passed a bill which replaced overtime pay with comp time I thought the main thrust of the plan was to force all hourly workers to become sub-40 hour temp workers, thus throwing a nasty wrench into the American Health Care Act, which requires its recipients to work at least a 40-hour week. That would have been a brilliant plan. Completely evil, but brilliant.

But, no, this was just another case of the GOP saying to itself, "What way could we possibly screw over the middle class again? Oh, yeah! Take away their overtime pay and promise them OH GOD THIS IS RICH promise them comp time I CANT STOP LAUGHING comp time that they could use whenever they wanted! I CAN'T BREATHE! I CAN'T BREATHE! OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK!"

To be clear, the promised comp time was not guaranteed by the bill, which means this was like free money for private-sector businesses.

Fortunately the bill, which passed along party lines, is doomed to failure in the Senate. It was seemingly just more red meat for the conservative base while the GOP sits on its collective hands waiting for the economy to falter as they await the 2014 mid-terms.


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Last Wednesday, in an effort to widen its appeal to the working class, the GOP voted to eliminate overtime pay and replace it with unguaranteed comp time.

GOP ellyphant: It was a tough choice between that and free smallpox-infected blankets.

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