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In Other News

I don't careBenghazi: Don't care. This is just another splendid example of Republican time-wasting because they have no useful legislation to offer. When we start prosecuting Bush and Cheney over the thirteen or more Bengazi's that occurred while they were in the White House, then I'll care.

IRS scandal: Don't care. It's the IRS's job, which is an independent agency, by the way, to investigate anyone trying to dodge their taxes, conservative or liberal. Leave 'em alone.

AP phone records: Don't care, because thanks to the bullshit PATRIOT Act and the bullshit war on drugs there's not one single aspect of our lives that isn't already under the government's bullshit microscope. Nothing. So quit pretending like this is some kind of outrage. If we're going to complain about this one, tiny incident then we need to start demanding our whole privacy enchilada back.

I should add that Republican Darrell "Fuck the Postal Service" Issa, he who is most peeved by this outrage, blocked legislation in 2007 that would have prevented access to the AP's information. The co-sponsor of the bill? Senator Barack Obama.


While we're on the subject...

benghazi poll

Incidentally, can YOU name anyone who died in Benghazi?


pablo PantojaH
ere's something to care about, and cheer about.

The State Director of Florida Hispanic Outreach for the Republican National Committee, Mr. Pablo Pantoja, not only resigned his position due to his disgust of Republican hypocrisy on immigration, but switched to the Democratic Party.

Welcome aboard, Pablo.


I was alerted to the fact that today's "cartoon" didn't really illustrate a Venn diagram but I knew that when I created it. To me, it was more of a visual thing. However, I decided to fix the cartoon, make it an actual Venn diagram, with a very slight modification and you can see the result by mousing over the original. And thanks to all you cranky sticklers for detail.


end rant


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