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The Gun Event Horizon
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Douglas Adams, he of Hitchhiker's Guide fame, once wrote of a fictional planet named Brontitall where, as a result of a strange set of circumstances, its entire economy became dependent upon the production of shoes. When the market for shoes collapsed, christened by Adams as "The Shoe Event Horizon", so did the whole of the Brontitallian civilization. Sick of the whole mess the remaining citizens summarily evolved into birds and flew off to live inside of a giant ear.

In my opinion this country now teeters on the edge of its own event horizon, this one involving guns. Although our economy is not wholly dependent upon their manufacture their presence casts an oppressive shadow across almost everything we do.

There was a time when police officers didn't have to make the calculation that every car it stopped or every door it knocked on had a gun on the other side. Small wonder our constables are a bit 'touchy' these days.

There was a time when schools didn't have metal detectors at the door. Now parents want schools to hired armed guards. Eventually someone will insist that the students themselves be armed. At what point do you begin to suspect that the problem isn't really the school?

There was time when we didn't need gun locks, but that was before guns became so commonplace in the home that they became treated like any other appliance. Like the telephone or the remote control.

There was a time when you could walk the streets at night, or not worry that a bullet would come crashing down on your head on New Year's Eve. We lock ourselves in, not lock others out. There's a difference.

We shouldn't have to own guns to protect ourselves from people who own guns. Where can that end?

Given its druthers the NRA would just as soon have us all going about our day with a gun stashed somewhere on our person, or near enough that no armed fiend would dare try and get the drop on us.

Here's the simple truth: The NRA isn't about protecting the sanctity of the Second Amendment. It's about the huge amounts of money that can be made in the gun industry. Money that can be spread around to lobbyists, special interest groups, and those particular congressmen who'll happily pass laws that ensure that the money keeps flowing. Flowing like the blood of our friends, our relatives, and our children.


RokuOn a somewhat more mercenary note... If you need to widen your entertainment horizons (Hah! Did you see what I did there?) go get a Roku. These damn things are impressive hunks of technology! I use mine mainly for Netflix and, with Plex installed, I can stream pirated videos from my local computers. You can also add hundreds of channels of free media, even porn, just don't tell your wife. Or boyfriend. Or, whatever.

In a nutshell, the Roku is the AR-15 of entertainment, except in this case no one gets hurt except the cable companies. (Though someday they will have their revenge and we'll all rue the day we streamed The Adventures of Pluto Nash from a Chinese server.)

The point I'm trying to make here is that I can save you $5 on a new Roku, with free shipping, and all you have to do is click this bunch of red letters. I'd normally recommend the Roku 2 XS because it has a thumb-drive-a-licious USB port plus a rockin' ethernet port (That means no wireless dropouts, Chachi!) but those are the expensive ones, so fuck that. Stick with the Roku HD.

In case you're wondering, yeah, I get something out of the deal, too, but it's just free Amazon streamable movie rentals... which I can watch on my Roku! Yay!


end rant

Our Chart of the Day: Presidential Executive Orders Issued Per Day in Office.

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U.S.General: You really need to buy our latest jet fighter because all your enemies are buying them, too.

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